1900 Numbers

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Premium Rate 1900 numbers allow you to charge the caller a fixed fee or timed rate enabling enhanced billing solutions for your business over the telephone. The number prefix ranges for 190 in Australia are 1900 & 1902 & 190255.

With our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) each number can be switched to cater for live operator, recorded, fax & Competition Services. Some examples of Live services would be corporate computer live help desk and popular Australian or New Zealand Psychic live readings.

Telads Australia commenced 1900 numbers in Australia back in the 80’s with Telstra, at that time the maximum call rate was 75 cents per minute. Over time higher and more flexible tariff rates have evolved, now with tariffs at $5.50 per minute rate and or fixed rates at $38.50 and higher if approved for specific services. 1900 numbers can have variable traffic from 35 cents per minute to $5.50 per minute, however the rate is tailored to suit your requirement.

With our IVR (interactive Voice Response) system any of our 1900 numbers can, generally, be accessed within Australia. Depending on your service requirement we can switch 1900 numbers anywhere in the world and currently have many clients with answer points in New Zealand, USA, Europe, Singapore, to name a few.

We can set your 1900 number up within a couple of hours. Simply call us on 03 9913 0500 or complete form below and we will allocate your 1900 number and set up your required service ASAP.

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