Call Centres

Call us on 03 9913 0500 or email adam@adamrow.com.

Allow our professional staff to answer incoming calls for your business assisting your customers in a timely fashion, answering questions, handling queries and delivering requests to your nominated departments.

Sick of overseas answering services – why not bring jobs back to Australia. Our unique service is based in Australia with our phone operators being able to log on and answer calls from anywhere, anytime. Our call centre operators are locally based and will answer your service professionally each and every time.

Our service can be tailored to suit whatever your requirement. We can take messages, transfer callers, answer pre-scripted messages and book appointments. Our system is automated and you will receive messages by either email or SMS. Our service is 24/7/365 and can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

Our Call centre application manager organisers all the required reporting for your inbound call flow, providing you valuable call traffic numbers as well as call of origin reports. We are 24/7 and are able to customise any application to suit your requirements.

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